• A greatly renovated basement is an important inclusion to any apartment/ home. In order to ensure that the basement in your house offers you and your family the ideal services, then there are things that you must ensure that they have been done. Indeed, the beginning is important but the most important part is finishing your basement.

    In this article, I am dedicating my time and knowledge to offer you enlightenment on substantial things to do to that basement to make sure that, it offers you the best services. If you ensure that the following has been done during the basement renovation, then your basement will be the best of all.

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    • Ensure that the basement is Kept Dry
    It is very important that you check for water problems in your basement before the planning process commences. You may not be the contractor, but you are the owner of the house, therefore, outlining your desired results is very important in the whole renovation process. In case of anything, you will be the culprit. Talking about water issues, some of the apparent signs are drips of water emanating from the below-grade wall or other times there could be water pools on the floor. All this is a clear indication that there is something wrong which must be dealt with before anything else. The dripping of water could be due to lack of ground grading away from the foundation of the building. Therefore, it is very important to check out if this has been done. If this is the case, ensure that grading is sufficiently done. On the other hand, there could be cracks in the foundation wall which are allowing water from underneath to thrust up into the basement floor, leading to the water pools being identified. If there are any cracks ensure that they are fully repaired.

    • Check out the Code
    Before you continue with the implementation of your plan, it is very important that you consult with the local municipality. This is important for you to ascertain what kind of permits may be necessary for the renovation process. Indeed, this is important if you will do some electrical work and plumbing. These two will mostly require inspection.

    • Make sure that a vapor Barrier has been Added
    Don’t lie to yourself that your basement is secure from moisture related issue because you have done cracks repair and ground grading. It is very important to go an extra mile and add some vapor barriers in the basement. Vapor barriers should be added to the floors and the walls within the basement. Actually, this should be done prior to frames application and before finishing off of the surfaces. The Vapor barriers will ensure that any moisture that goes past the plastered wall is trapped. The best procedure to go about this is to have the vapor barrier laid down for two days, and then checking it out if there is any moisture collected. It is very important to do this to be sure that, you have completely dealt with moisture issues fully, before continuing to the other parts.

    • Creating an Offset Space.
    Dealing with water issues is not a simple thing, and despite all the efforts- with the ground grading, mending of cracks, and adding of vapor barriers- moisture finding some way into the basement could yet be an emergent issue you have to deal with. Therefore, it will be good that an offset is created from the outside wall. This is achieved by inclusion of furring strips. These are metal or wood slats. In case the wall is wavy, the slats play a great role in leveling it. After the level alignment has been achieved, frames can be added.

    • Keeping the Warmth In and Cold Out.
    After the moisture issue has been dealt with satisfactorily, the next important thing is to make sure that warmth levels in the basement are enhanced. This will be achieved through Insulation method. Not only will the insulation materials enhance temperature control in the basement but will also add another moisture control layer. Additionally, the insulation materials help in dampening sound coming from the outside. Concurrently you should make sure that the insulation materials used have vapor barriers on all sides. On the other hand, you may want to use a different method of insulation, where a specific spray designed for this is used. The technique is referred to as spray foam insulation.

    • Adding Some extra Baseboards Warmth
    From the conventional Current movement principle, warm air is always less dense and will always rise up from the lower basement levels to the upper parts. Therefore, installation of heating vents at the floor area is will be a great idea. The option of basement heating is very noble idea here, but you should make sure that it is compatible with your plan. Concurrently, ensure that it is designed in a way that it is possible to tie it to the available HVAC system. You need to plan carefully because you don’t want to rely on the space heaters in your finished space.

    • Use of Drop Ceilings
    A drop ceiling also known as a suspended ceiling will present you with both a mean to conceal as well as access to plumbing and electrical lines. This is because the ceiling is designed with tiles that are removable. Therefore, by removing the tiles, you are able to access the lines and do any necessary repair. The drop ceilings are available in diverse attractive options and you just need to select the one that is suitable for your décor. Maybe you want it to have an office look. Regardless of offering you the above capabilities, it is important to note that ceiling will always reduce overhead space available. Therefore, be very careful when planning on how to do it.

    • Recess Lighting
    It is recommendable you do a recess to your lighting. Recess lighting is a great idea in your basement. This is because the appliances involved do not consume a lot of overhead space that is very valuable. On the centrally, if you would use a lighting fixture, it would use a lot of this overhead space. Additionally, recess lighting is very easy to install together with a drop ceiling.

    • Use of fasteners
    The floors of the basement are some kind of brick or block, and masonry. Therefore, when attaching frames to them, it is paramount to realize that screws or nails will not help. This is because these two (screws and nails), will be unable to penetrate through properly. Therefore, you will be required to get a suitable fastener. Furthermore, you will be required to purchase anchors for use on the walls. Notably, you may be required to rent a fastener that is powder- actuated. The latter is sometimes referred to as a short gun fastener. They derive the name from their potential to fire fasteners into the concrete through charge capabilities.

    • The Utility Room
    This doesn’t require any kind of finishing. Therefore, space, where the water heaters and HVAC units are situated, should be kept open, clear and unfinished as possible. Notably, these rooms have framing and code requirements which are very specific. Additionally, there will be repairs and/or inspections to be conducted here often. No matter the temptations to have this room finished off, you should make sure that it is kept as simple as possible.

    There you have it, ten very important things you should keep in mind as you plan to do basement renovations in Toronto. Basements are integral parts of any home yours included. Adhere to these and your basement will be awesome for you and your family.