• Bathroom renovation ideas

  • A bathroom should be a priority area to any homeowner who is thinking of renovating their home. The role played by a bathroom in your daily life is quite vital. It is the place you shower in alongside other things so it should be as comfortable, functional, and appealing as possible. You and your family members by all means need a bathroom which is inviting, elegant, and relaxing. A beautiful and luxurious bathroom isn’t the preserve of Hollywood celebrities and their likes, everyone deserves it.

    bathroom renovations in toronto If you are on a venture to remodel your home and are at loss on ideas for bathroom renovations, here are five tips you can apply:

    1. Go for brilliant colors

    When it comes to bathrooms, lighter colors are the best. Lighter colors create an element of elegance, tidyness, and warmth inside bathrooms. You will never go wrong with white color for your bathroom. It makes a bathroom appear very neat, spacious, and sophisticated. You can also try other colors like ocean blue, lilac, and heather among other soft and brilliant colors.

    2. Create enough space

    One of the determinants of a bathroom’s appearance is the amount of space inside it. A crowded bathroom looks unorganised, aim to have as much space as possible. The ample space will not only serve to give the room beauty and class but will also provide you with a convenient area to operate in. You can easily shower and perform other shower activities in a large space compared to a smaller space.

    3. Adequate lighting

    You can never downplay the importance of enough lighting to a bathroom. If you get everything right and miss out on lighting, all your efforts will be in vain. Whatever design of bathroom you go for, make sure there is enough natural light reaching it. You can do this by introducing large windows on a wall facing an open space. Large windows are in fact the emerging trend in bathrooms today, the days of very tiny windows are slowly fading.

    4. Have a new or improvised vanity

    Make your efforts at bathroom renovations pay off by going for a great looking vanity. You can try a vintage or an all white vanity. You can also go for mahogany or cedar wood vanities, they are each a great choice for vanity. Your vanity should contain adequate drawers and compartments for storing your towels and toiletries. Away from its quality, the location of a vanity also matters. Try placing the vanity next to a wall and not at the center of the room to create an element of balance. A vanity placed in the middle of the bathroom may make it look like another room altogether and not a bathroom.

    5. Go for luxury and class

    Your bathroom should ooze class, comfort, and luxury. You should start with constructing a large and modern bathtub. You can then go to the walls and the flooring. Make your walls and floor beautiful by going for top of the art finishes such as granite, ceramic tiles, and marble among others. Your class shouldn’t stop at these, you should also go for other things like chandelier lights, curved and full-length mirrors, and modern countertops among other things.

    All in all, you should go for what appeals to your taste and preference when undertaking bathroom renovations.