• Long and narrow bathrooms feel very congested and uncomfortable. Usually, these bathrooms do not have adequate circulation space. The good thing is that you can repair the limitations of these bathrooms by planning them smartly. So, if you have a long and narrow bathroom, and want to do something about it, hire a bathroom renovator in Toronto. Discuss with the expert and come up with a plan that makes your awkwardly shaped bathroom look visually appealing and comfortable. Here are a few tips to nail the perfect look.

    Stick to a wall

    One of the best things you can do is to keep all fixtures such as tubs, sinks and toilets along one wall. On the other wall, you can have wall mounted storage spaces, mirrors, windows and a few ornamental things. Such an arrangement ensures that you have adequate place to walk in the bathroom while including everything required in the space.

    Go for small fixtures and fittings

    Bulky and big fixtures or fittings are not for long and narrow bathrooms. Replace your old toilets with compact single unit toilets. Buy a smaller washbasin. Include storage space under the washbasin to make the most of the place. Depending on the size of the room, you can decide between shower and bathtub. The best place to include either of these fixtures is at the end of the long space. Use the width of the space for installing baths or showers. As with the other fixtures, cut down on the size of baths and showers.

    Play around with the colors

    In bathrooms, you can use several tricks to make your long space look shorter. This is important because the narrowness of the room makes it look longer than it actually is, thereby creating a tunnel sort of appearance. To neutralize this drawback, you need to use the right colors.

    The first choice is to use tiles. Use dark colored floor to ceiling tiles on the end walls. The dark color creates depth and makes the room look shorter and hence, more balanced. To make the space look interesting, add highlights to the walls. If you have a shower or bath at one end of the room, fix tiles on the walls at all the three sides.

    The second choice is to use paint. If you do not want to use floor to ceiling tiles, fix dark colored tiles up to a height of five feet and paint the other half of the wall in the same color. It is important to use solid colors because light colors or shaded walls make the space look longer.

    The third choice is to reduce the length of the room by using opaque glass or bath curtains. If you have a shower, use tinted glass doors or dark colored opaque doors for it. Avoid using transparent glass because it does nothing to create an illusion of shortness. If you have a bath, you can use dark colored curtains to cut off one portion of the bathroom and make the overall space look shorter.

    A professional bathroom renovator in Toronto can give you more such effective tips and help you overcome limitations in your bathroom.