• Toronto Beaches

  • Toronto is a culturally diversified city in Canada popular with a number of beaches. Toronto is the best place to stop by for your picnics and holiday travels. Being the provincial capital of Ontario, it lies along the north western shore of Lake Ontario. Toronto became the first Canadian community to authorize its beaches under the blue flag program. This program listed the eight Toronto beaches as part of those that meet the international standards required for water quality, environmental services and education as well as management.

    These beaches include¬†the Bluffer’s park beach which is characterized by long and fairly sandy terrain. It is positioned at the foot of the Scarborough bluffs. This beach offers a variety of scenic views as well as recreational activities such as hiking and cycling. It provides a plenty of space for picnic and relaxing.

    Centre island beach is located on the southern shore of the Toronto island park. It is an oasis located outskirts from the downtown but still boasts of an amazing view of the city skyline. This site has severally been used as a public bathing point since 1880s and a number of social amenities surround it. It is very unique as compared to others since it is protected by an offshore break wall.

    On the northern shore of the outer harbour, near cherry street stands the Cherry beach. This is the most popular beach in Toronto. It offers the most ample parking space with adequate spots to practice water sports such as windsurfing and kiteboarders. It is characterized by rugged terrain and rocky shores. The TTC bus service offers the best solutions for traffic during the shore seasons.

    Gibralter point beach is the newest and the most secluded beach. It began its operation in 2007 and was awarded the blue flag the same year. It is situated on the southwestern part of the Toronto island shore. It boasts of a very peaceful scenery that is very good for relaxation and meditation. It is less crowded and not yet furnished with the walking trails from center island ferry docks.

    The Hanlan’s point beach is found at the western shore of the Toronto island park. It offers both nudity optional and clothing mandatory sections. While at this beach, you are guaranteed of the best viewing site for the Canadian national exhibition air shows since it is located right at the flight route. It is backed by a sand dune that is very important for sun bathing.

    The Kew balmy beach is situated next to Beaches park. This beach is common with activities such as swimming, sun bathing as well as buskers. This beach is over a century old hence the populace and the crowded it usually become during the warm weekends. It offers a variety of restaurants and cafes that sustain the myriads of visitors who stop by.