• Every homeowner loves up-to-date amenities in their living space. The idea of freshening up a home to attain and maintain a modern, clean, and elegant home with the latest amenities bears the name renovation or remodeling. The two main reasons for renovations are to increase a room’s beauty and to enhance its functionality. A homeowner who moves into a new home may want to make renovations in order to stamp their personality onto their living space. Such a homeowner can achieve the desired results by changing the style of rooms to make them suit their unique taste. Most homeowners give bathroom renovations the second priority after kitchen remodeling. Every member of the family usually spends a tenth of their time every day in their bathroom. Also, most people take long baths in the evenings after working hours to help them relax. For this reason, bathrooms are subjected to high traffic and as a result, wear and tear takes a toll on bathrooms, hence, making it necessary to repair the bathroom after every few years.

    Renovation Tips for Improving a Bathroom’s Functionality and Elegance

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    Everyone who desires to make bathroom renovations must have a goal of what they want to achieve and a guideline to follow. Knowing what to expect with a bathroom renovation project and how to go about it makes it easier to attain the desired results. Below are our ideas to help improve a bathroom’s functionality and appeal.
    1. Spaceousness

    If a person walks into a bathroom and they start feeling a little claustrophobic, there is a spacing problem in such a bathroom. One of the renovations goals for such a bathroom would be to make the place less crampy. Ideally, one may install a floating counter top and a vessel sink in place of the traditional ones since they consume little space. Using hanging racks for storage instead of the alternatives also helps improve spacihng in a bathroom.

    2. Painting

    Painting bathroom walls with lighter shades of pastel colors usually makes the room feel roomy and serene. If a person prefers colors other than pastels, they should make sure that they chose light shades of the colors that they prefer.

    3. Materials

    The bathroom is usually a very small room compared to the rest of the rooms in a home. Therefore, there is no point of trying to save money by taking shortcuts. Buying cheap and below standard materials only gaurantees more frequent renovetions which cost more in the long run. Use proper materials for your bathrooh renovations.

    4. Mirrors

    Mirrors by default add fuhnctiohnality and elegance to a bathroom. They also create the illusion of increased space and improve lighting in the bathroom. Installing large mirrors onh bathroom walls helps make it look beautiful and lavish.

    DIY (Do it Yourself) is a bad idea when it comes to bathroom renovations

    Having figured out the goals and guidelines for bathroom renovations some people opt to make the renovations on their own. Usually, this is not a good idea. For starters, time is an essential factor when dealing with any project. If a person has a full time job, they may have very little time to work on their bathroom renovations project. The bathroom remains in a mess during the remodelling period and this creates a nuisance especilly in a home where there is only one bathroom. Hiring professionals usually ensures that the renovations project does not take an unnecessary lenth of time to complete since the professionals put more hours of work per day on the project.
    When a person choses to do the renovaions theselves, they are likely to create unecessary problems due to lack of epertise in renovations. To carry out renovations withaut creating flaws in the bathroom, one neets to have expertise in electrical, plumbing, flooring and structural works. For example if a person is not good at plumbing, such a person may cause leakages in the plumbing line and the water damage resulting from such a flaw may be too expensive.

    When you do the renovations, you may do a bad job and create the need for renovations real soon. A bad job often ruins the visual appeal of the bathroom. It is not hard to tell whether the renovations made on a bathroom were made by a pro or a novice. Everyone will notice a novice’s work from the gaps between tiles, uneven flooring or other signatures that usually mark the work of a novice.